Jeremy Sweet
instagram @jeremiahdulce

Born: San Diego, Ca.

Soccer, skateboarding and surfing dominated my young life until college where I focused primarily on soccer and art. My father taught me how to draw when I was young and most of my doodling was inspired by bmx, skateboarding, and surfing magazine art. I also drew a ton of monster trucks as I recall. Nowadays I look at a lot of tattoo imagery and draw influence from east and west. I also can't deny the impact that growing up so close to Mexico had on my vision. I spent quite a bit of time down there as a young man and have a lot of respect for the art and culture.

After receiving my BFA from Sonoma State University, I decided to pursue a career in soccer. This decision lead me to stints playing professionally and semi-professionally in Holland, Belize, Costa Rica, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle, and finally Indianapolis.
These opportunities for travel and integration into other cultures have also informed my life and the artwork I make tremendously.

Undergraduate: Sonoma State University, Ca. 1998 BFA Printmaking. Studied under Kurt Kemp, Shane Weare, Mark Perlman and Bob Nugent.

Graduate: Indiana University, Bloomington, In. 2010, MFA Printmaking. Studied under Ed Bernstein, Wendy Calman, Althea Murphy Price and Kristen Martincic.

Current Employment: Associate Director, Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University School of Fine Art.

I currently reside in Bloomington, Indiana with my wife and two daughters.